Legislative Issues

TRTC Legislative Platform

Continue progress made toward improving transportation and air quality during recent legislative sessions.

  • Support full appropriation of Proposition 1 and Proposition 7 revenues to fund transportation.
  • Oppose any attempt to backslide from the ending of diversions; support a constitutional amendment to protect revenues for transportation uses.
  • Retain the ability to utilize, through an MPO process, tolling, managed lanes, debt financing and public-private partnerships in large metropolitan regions.
  • Continue to fully appropriate revenues to the Low Income Repair and Replacement Assistance Program (LIRAP) and Local Initiative Projects (LIP).
  • Retain eminent domain authority to allow planning and development of new and/or expanded transportation corridors including high speed rail, commuter rail, freight rail, roadways and trails.
  • Support efforts to utilize performance-based planning to select high-quality transportation projects and continue to recognize that different areas of the state have different needs and solutions to improving transportation and maintaining critical assets.

Invest in further progress toward meeting transportation and air quality needs.

  • Authorize the use of a Comprehensive Development Agreement for the 635 East project and others endorsed by the RTC.
  • Identify additional revenue for transportation. Options include:
    • Allow counties in the Dallas-Fort Worth region the ability to adopt the $10 optional registration fee allowed in various other counties across the state.
    • Implement a temporary local transportation revenue source to be voter-approved.
    • Index the motor fuels tax to fuel efficiency.
    • Examine regional or corridor transportation reinvestment zones.
  • Appropriate LIRAP’s residual balance of previously collected funds; modernize and increase flexibility in LIRAP/LIP to better balance demand.
  • Protect TERP revenue; ensure funds are utilized for projects that effectively meet the intent of the program, including roadway/goods movement transportation projects.

Provide support for other transportation topics to be addressed in legislation.

  • Improve air quality
  • Increase safety
  • Plan and implement all modes of transportation
  • Relieve congestion
  • Maintain local and regional decision-making [oppose revenue caps and appraisal caps on municipalities or counties]
  • Utilize innovative technology
  • Support land use and transportation connections
  • Maintain active operations and management of the system
  • Enable transportation data sharing and accessibility with appropriate privacy protection
  • Plan for shared mobility solutions

Closely monitor development and debate of the TxDOT Sunset bill

Support the NAS Fort Worth, JRB Regional Coordination Committee (RCC) legislative policy position that promotes compatible development around Texas military bases and seeks passage of a bill to (1) require project developers, military base officials and government officials to meet and discuss compatibility concerns prior to development of wind turbines, communications towers and other such uses that may adversely affect military operations; (2) require developers to inform current and potential residents of the existence of the military base and its activities and impacts (similar to HB 1639 84R); and (3) urge local and state government officials to collaborate with the Federal Aviation Administration to advance regulations to ensure safe operations of unmanned aircraft vehicles.

Legislative Updates

As part of the coalition’s services to its members and the public, the TRTC tracks legislative initiatives that impact transportation, mobility and clean air in the local area and advocates on behalf of bills that support the coalition’s key objectives.

For more information about these legislative proposals, please contact us or to share your opinion with your legislator, click on Contact Your Legislators tab.

Contact Your Legislators

The TRTC works diligently to build an informed transportation constituency – to broaden the understanding of the critical need to invest more in transportation in order to sustain mobility that is vital to our economy and quality of life. You can help by joining TRTC and attending our monthly meetings.

TRTC members and all citizens who are interested in reliable transportation should contact their state representative and state senator to urge their support for transportation investment.

How do I contact my state legislator?

  1. Go to the website Texas Legislature Online at www.capitol.state.tx.us
  2. Click on the “contact my legislator” link in the middle of the page
  3. Click on the link “who represents me” in item 1
  4. Fill in your address, city and zip code
  5. Click on “submit”

For a full list of state representatives and senators for our region, click here.