Transportation is a declining share of the Texas budget. In 1980, it commanded 15 percent. By 2009 it was just 4.8 percent.
Within the next 15 years, only 21 percent of roads will remain in good or better condition, unless maintenance funding is increased.
More than $50 billion in needed projects have been cut from the regional transportation plan.
In 2035, the average commuter in Dallas-Fort Worth will spend 140 hours stuck in traffic, compared to 45 hours today.
Local congestion costs $924 per rush-hour driver annually (11th nationally).
In 2035, Texans will burn almost 7 million gallons of extra fuel because of traffic delays.
Unless we take action, a commute that takes 20 minutes today will take 52 minutes in 2025.
If current transportation funding trends continue, traffic delays will cost every Texas driver an average of $3,300 per person by 2035.
Road bottlenecks account for 40 percent of traffic congestion and delays.
Delay costs per household will increase from $1,509 to $5,400 in 2035.

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More traffic congestion. Longer drive times. Skyrocketing transportation costs. Increasing emissions and air quality challenges.

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