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Presentations & Reports

TRTC leaders and members have cultivated a deep understanding of transportation and mobility issues affecting the western half of the North Texas Metroplex, and we are interested in sharing this knowledge with public or private groups.

Please click below to see our existing presentations, or contact us to schedule a presentation to your organization.

BNSF: Mobility & Innovation in the DFW Metroplex | 12/2/20

TRTC December Virtual Meeting Video | 12/2/20

McKinsey & Company: New Horizons in Transportation | 11/11/20

TRTC November Virtual Meeting Video | 11/11/20

NCTCOG: The Path Forward | 10/7/20

TRTC October Virtual Meeting Video | 10/7/20

TxDOT: Fort Worth District Project Highlights | 9/2/20

TRTC September Virtual Meeting Video | 9/2/20

AllianceTexas Mobility Innovation Zone Presentation | 8/5/20

TRTC August Virtual Meeting Video | 8/5/20

RTC Performance Metrics and COVID-19 Infrastructure Response Presentation | 6/3/20

TRTC June Virtual Meeting Video | 6/3/20

Trinity Metro Transit Updates | 3/4/20

Tarrant Regional Transportation Coalition: 2020 Next Steps | 1/8/20

Arlington, Texas: Transportation Innovation & State-of-the-Art Entertainment | 12/4/19

Texas High Speed Train Update | 10/2/19

Southeast Connector Update | 5/1/19

Briefing on Trinity Metro Initiatives | 4/3/19

The VMT Fee | 3/6/19

North Richland Hills PD’s small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) | 10/3/18

Transportation in Arlington | 9/5/18

The Future of Transit in Tarrant County | 8/1/18

Trinity Metro: The Future of Transit in Tarrant County| 6/6/18

Mobility Services in Tarrant County| 5/2/18

Walkability| 3/7/18

NCTCOG: Update on Western Tarrant County Initiatives| 1/3/18

UTA and the Center for Transportation Equity, Decisions and Dollars: Does Location Matter?| 12/6/17

Baselice & Associates, Inc.: What’s Going on Out There Now and Beyond?| 11/1/17

NCTCOG: Tarrant Transportation Revolution | 9/6/17

Texas A&M Transportation Institute Presentation | 6/7/17

35W Coalition Annual Meeting Presentation | 5/31/17

TEXRail Update Presentation | 5/3/17

Trinity River Vision Presentation | 4/5/17

TEX-21 Panama Canal Presentation | 2/1/17

International Right of Way Association Presentation | 1/10/17

TxDOT. Then and Now: A Century of Service | 1/5/17

Implementing Our Transit Master Plan | 11/2/2016

Dallas City Center Master Assessment | 10/5/2016

Planning for Goods, Services, and People Movement in North Central Texas | 9/7/2016

Tax Roads vs. Toll Roads, Sen. Robert Nichols | 8/18/2016

Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce Transportation Committee TEXRail Update | 8/17/2016

I-35W Construction Progress Update | 8/3/2016

NCTCOG: Managed Lanes and Toll Roads | 4/6/2016

Texas Central Rail Presentation | 2/4/2016

Rob Matwick’s Texas Live! Presentation | 1/13/2016

Paul J Ballard Presentation | 12/01/2015

Unfunded Projects | 11/15/2015

Prop 7 Presentation | 10/6/2015

Bob Baulsir Presentation | 9/2/2015

Craig Hulse Presentation | 6/3/2015

Robert Hinkle Presentation | 6/3/2015

Steve Bowden Presentation | 6/2/2015

Michael Melaniphy Presentation | 5/6/2015

Bill Burton Hillwood Presentation | 4/1/2015

Brian Barth Presentation | 3/4/2015

Fort Worth District Projects Under Development/Unfunded | 2/1/2015

Tim Lomax’s Texans and Mobility Presentation | 12/3/2014

Tom Shelton’s TRTC People Movers Presentation PowerPoint Version | 11/5/2014

Scott Haywood’s Move Texas Forward Presentation | 10/1/2014

Erik Steaven’s State of Rail Presentation | 9/3/2014

Brian Barth’s TRTC Presentation | 8/6/2014

Dan Kessler’s Presentation | 4/2/2014

Michael Morris’ Presentation | 4/2/2014

Tower 55 TRTC Presentation | 3/5/2014

Nichols Transportation Finance Presentation | 2/13/2014

Rethinking our path to mobility: Feb 12 presentation to District 98 Town Hall | 2/12/2014

Texas Central High-Speed Railway Project Update | 10/2/2013

NTTA: Toll Collection Process | 8/7/2013

Dana Centola: Sabre Holdings “Travel, Transportation & Corporate Responsibility” | 5/1/2013

Kelly Pinto: Transportation Issues in Postal and Shipping Delivery | 4/3/2013

Rick Carber: UPS Transportation Network | 4/3/2013

TAoT: A Path to Filling the Texas Transportation Funding Gap | 3/25/2013

Michael Morris: North Texas Aviation Education Initiative | 3/6/2013

House Committee on Transportation Interim Report | 2/11/2013

TAoT Just the Facts Card 2012 | 2/11/2013

TAoT: Transportation Funding 101 | 2/11/2013

TRIP Report: New Report Identifies Texas’ Top 100 Transportation Challenges | 1/17/2013

“Texas’ Top 100 Transportation Challenges and the Improvements Needed to Address Them” | 1/17/2013

Texas Good Roads – Lawrence Olsen Letter & Downloadable Materials | 11/26/2012

Texas Good Roads – The Cost of Doing Nothing | 11/26/2012

Regional Transportation Council Legislative Program | 10/30/2012

Regional Transportation Council Legislative Program 83rd Texas Legislature | 10/30/2012

The Cost of Meeting the State’s Need for Safe and Efficient Mobility | 10/2/2012

TRIP Cost to Motorists Release | 9/30/2012

TxDOT Gas Tax Chart | 9/21/2012

Legislative Budget Board: Where does it go? Motor Vehicle Fees | 9/20/2012)

Texas Transportation Institute: Where does it go? State Gas Tax | 9/20/2012

Texas Infrastructure Now: Would you spend $15 to save $90? | 9/18/2012)

NCTCOG: Draft HOV/Managed Lane Policy | 9/11/2012

NCTCOG: Freight North Texas Recommendations | 9/11/2012

NCTCOG: Modifications to the FY 2012 and FY 2013 Unified Planning Work Program | 9/11/2012

Texas Infrastructure Now: The cost of doing nothing part 2 | 9/11/2012

Texas Infrastructure Now: The cost of doing nothing part 1 | 9/4/2012

U.S. Conference of Mayors – U.S. Metro Economies 2012 | 7/20/2012

Spending on Transportation Projects in Texas: 2011-2014 STIP snapshot | 7/19/2012

The Role of Infrastructure in Corporate Site Selection: Deloitte University | 3/7/2012

Transportation Acronyms and Terms

35W Coalition A nonprofit membership organization of concerned citizens, business and land owners, developers, city, county and state officials and transportation experts that advocates for transportation improvements along the I-35W North Corridor in Fort Worth, northern Tarrant County and southern Denton County

CDA Comprehensive Development Agreement, a new tool established in HB 3588 to facilitate public-private partnerships and bring private capital (equity) into funding transportation improvements

CMAQ Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality, a transportation funding category established in ISTEA and continued in TEA-21…category 5 in the UTP…it provides federal funding to MPOs in nonattainment areas via DOTs for projects that improve air quality

DCTA Denton County Transportation Authority, a coordinated transportation authority in Denton County

DRMC Dallas Regional Mobility Coalition, an organization of cities, counties and public transportation agencies in a five-county region on the eastern side of the DFW Metroplex that advocates for transportation policy, funding and solutions on a local, state and federal level.

EPA Environmental Protection Agency, the federal agency that addresses environmental issues

DOT Department of Transportation, the federal agency that addresses transportation issues

FHWA Federal Highway Administration, a division of DOT

4A, 4B Development Corporation Act sections that permit cities to levy with voter consent a sales tax for economic development and other specific uses

HB 3588 The omnibus transportation bill passed by the 78th Texas Legislature

ISTEA Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act, the 1991 edition of the six-year federal surface transportation program

MPO Metropolitan Planning Organization, federally mandated to develop transportation plans and programs for urbanized areas

MTP Metropolitan Transportation Plan, the region’s long range transportation plan (updated every 3 years, 25-year planning horizon)

NCTCOG North Central Texas Council of Governments, a voluntary association of local governments established in 1966 to plan for common needs, cooperate for mutual benefit and coordinate for sound regional development

NTC North Texas Commission, a non-profit consortium of businesses, local governments and higher education institutions that develops strategies, forums and partnerships to address critical problems and key opportunities facing the region

NTTA North Texas Tollway Authority, a political subdivision of the State of Texas under Chapter 366 of the Transportation Code, is empowered to acquire, construct, maintain, repair and operate turnpike projects; to raise capital for construction projects through the issuance of Turnpike Revenue Bonds; and to collect tolls to operate, maintain and pay debt service on those projects

North Tarrant Express (NTE) a $2.5 billion, 13.5 mile project dedicated to improving mobility along the IH820 and SH121-183/Airport Freeway corridor in Northeast Tarrant County.

RTC Regional Transportation Council, the MPO for the DFW region, a 39-member policy-making body of local elected and appointed officials who oversee regional transportation planning

SMP Statewide Mobility Plan, the capacity component of the UTP

SPP Statewide Preservation Plan, the maintenance component of the UTP

STIP Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, a three-year financial plan prepared by TxDOT for project development and implementation

STP-MM Surface Transportation-Metropolitan Mobility, a transportation funding category established in ISTEA and continued in TEA-21, providing federal funding to MPOs

Southwest-to-Northeast Rail Corridor Project Proposed commuter rail route across Tarrant County that follows existing rail lines from Fort Worth’s Granbury Road/South Hulen area, through downtown Fort Worth, northeast to downtown Grapevine and then into the north entrance of Dallas-Fort Worth Airport

TEA-21 The Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century, the 1998 edition of the six-year federal surface transportation program

TERP Texas Emissions Reduction Plan, an incentive program to reduce diesel emissions adopted by the 77th Texas Legislature and funded by the 78th Texas Legislature

TIP Transportation Improvement Program, a three-year financial plan prepared by the MPO for project development and implementation

TMF Texas Mobility Fund – a new state fund from which debt service is paid on bonds issued for transportation improvements

TMP The Texas Metropolitan Mobility Plan, a new plan that seeks to reduce the levels of urban roadway congestion

Transportation Advocates of Texas, Inc. A statewide transportation coalition with a mission to eliminate congestion and build needed new infrastructure to increase mobility, create jobs and improve quality of life.

TRE Trinity Railway Express, the commuter rail service between Fort Worth and Dallas

TTC Texas Transportation Commission, a five member board appointed by the Governor to oversee TxDOT

TTC-35 The Trans Texas Corridor project generally paralleling IH 35 between Mexico and Oklahoma

TCAWG Texas Clean Air Working Group, a collaboration of local leaders from nonattainment, near-nonattainment, and early action compact areas who meet monthly with EPA and TCEQ leaders and legislative committee chairs and staff to discuss policies and programs to improve air quality in Texas and to achieve compliance with the federal clean air act

TCEQ Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the state agency that addresses environmental issues

TxDOT Texas Department of Transportation, the governmental transportation agency in Texas Headquartered in Austin and made up of 21 divisions and 6 offices; four regional support centers provide operational and project delivery support for the agency’s 25 geographical districts

The T Fort Worth Transportation Authority, bus service provider in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

Tower 55 intersection of Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad tracks near downtown Fort Worth

UTP Unified Transportation Program, a 10-year financial plan that authorizes project planning and development and is submitted annually to the TTC for approval

Helpful Transportation Resources