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The Texas Tribune: Texas road congestion is hitting a breaking point. Are voters ready to approve more public transit spending? | October 2, 2019

Mass Transit & The Fort Worth Star-Telegram: TX: Light rail, TEXRail extension and rapid bus lines: How Fort Worth could transform your commute | September 30, 2019

CNBC: How a hyperloop may change how and why we travel | September 29, 2019

The AASHTO Journal: Highway Trust Fund, Infrastructure Investment Focus Of House Budget Hearing | September 27, 2019

The AASHTO Journal: WEF Coalition Seeks To Boost Low-Emission Mobility Options | September 27, 2019

Community Impact Newspaper: North Texas Tollway Authority’s five-year plan includes more than $1 billion worth of improvements | September 23, 2019

Route Fifty: Senate Transportation Funding Bill Would Cut Small Project Transit Grants | September 23, 2019

Builtin: High-Speed Hyperloop Could Transorm Transportation | September 19, 2019

Urban Transport News: MaaS has a role to play in the transition towards truly sustainable mobility | September 19, 2019

The Fort Worth Business Press: Council report: Officials get update on transportation | September 18, 2019

The Rivard Report: Getting Highway Projects Done Quickly Is a Priority, TxDOT Leader Says | September 18, 2019

Transportation Topics: US Chamber Leader Tom Donohue Hopeful About Infrastructure Bill’s Passage | September 16, 2019

The AASHTO Journal: Tolling, Congestion Pricing Debated At House Hearing | September 13, 2019

The AASHTO Journal: INRIX Study Highlights Potential Of Micromobility | September 13, 2019 Massive Highway Projects Planned for North Texas | September 11, 2019

The AASHTO Journal: British Firm Examines Future Potential Of ‘Mobility As A Service’ | September 6, 2019

The AASHTO Journal: Transportation Commission Endorses TxDOT’s 10-Year Plan | September 6, 2019

WTAW News Talk 1620: Texas A&M Transportation Institute Opens Headquarters on RELLIS Campus | September 5, 2019

Transport Topics: Infrastructure Funding Policy Looms Over Congressional Fall Schedule | September 5, 2019

Texas Central Media Release: Texas High-Speed Train Announces Major Step Forward with FRA Action on Rule of Particular Applicability | September 5, 2019

Press Release from U.S. Congresswoman Kay Granger: Granger Encouraged by Department of Transportation’s Commitment to Texas High Speed Rail | September 4, 2019

Axios: A mileage-based tax could rescue the Highway Trust Fund | September 4, 2019

TCNT Accelerate Transit: Great Cities Have Great Transit | August 23, 2019

The AASHTO Journal: Traffic Congestion Keeps Climbing, Says Latest Urban Mobility Report | August 23, 2019

The AASHTO Journal: National League Of Cities Report Backs Congestion Pricing | August 23, 2019

Governing: 6 Transportation Goals Congress Should Be Thinking About | August 23, 2019

The Texas Tribune TribTalk: The Truth About Tolling | August 22, 2019

The Regulatory Review: Fixing the Shortfall in Highway Infrastructure Funding | August 21, 2019

The AASHTO Journal: Survey Finds Consumers “Lack Confidence” In Autonomous & All-Electric Vehicles | August 16, 2019

The AASHTO Journal: AASHTO President: “Transportation Represents Freedom” | August 16, 2019

Transport Topics: Senators Tout VMT Absent Fix for Highway Trust Fund | August 15, 2019

Progressive Railroading: Texas commuter railroad to implement PTC this month | August 13, 2019

The American Prospect: When Cities Turn to Uber, Instead of Buses and Trains | August 13, 2019

Governing: How Pennsylvania’s Transportation Secretary Is Shifting the Infrastructure Conversation in Her State and Across the Country | August 13, 2019

From the Office of the Governor: Governor Abbott Appoints Vaughn To Texas Transportation Commission | August 12, 2019

The Dallas Morning News: Self-driving trucks are cruising down I-45 between Dallas and Houston | August 11, 2019

The City of Fort Worth: City names new director for Transportation & Public Works | August 9, 2019

The AASHTO Journal: Oregon DOT Launches Transportation Funding Outreach Campaign | August 9, 2019

The AASHTO Journal: More Grants Aim To Spur Solutions To Highway Trust Fund Solvency Issues | August 9, 2019 TEXRail Launches More Trains, Cuts Wait Times in Half for Many | July 31, 2019

Governing: Without Help From Washington, Governors Chart Own Path on Infrastructure | July 31, 2019

The County Judge Quarterly: Actions Speak Louder Than Words | Summer 2019

The Texas Tribune: Texas’ biggest cities scramble to figure out what the 2019 legislative session will cost them | July 18, 2019

Newsweek: 10 Best Cities for Business Travel | July 16, 2019

The AASHTO Journal: EPW Hearing Focuses On Long-Term, Formula-Based FAST Act Reauthorization | July 12, 2019

Transport Topics: Senators Aim to Produce Five-Year Highway Bill Before August Recess | July 10, 2019

CNBC: Trump and Dems agree America’s infrastructure needs a $2 trillion fix. These 5 states are in the best shape in 2019 | July 10, 2019

The Washington Times: A Texas clash of public safety and property rights | July 9, 2019

The Texas Comptroller Fiscal Notes June/July 2019: Motor Fuels Taxes in a Changing Texas Transportation Scene Should Texas Rethink the Way it Funds Roads? | July 3, 2019

The Disrupter Daily: What’s The Future Of Transportation? Experts Share Their Insights | June 30, 2019

The Commercial Observer: Uber to Launch ‘Flying Taxis’ in LA and Dallas-Fort Worth by 2023 | June 17, 2019

The Fort Worth Business Press: AllianceTexas to create innovation zone for next generation mobility and transportation | June 10, 2019

The Dallas Morning News: To reel in a big corporate campus, Fort Worth might repurpose public housing site | June 7, 2019

The Austin Chronicle: Texas Department of Transportation to Eliminate Traffic Deaths by 2050? | June 7, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Are the billions Texas lawmakers committed for schools and lower property taxes sustainable? | June 6, 2019

The AASHTO Journal: Survey: Americans Avoiding Automobile Travel Due To Highway Congestion | May 31, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Analysis: The latest Texas legislative session proves elections have consequences | May 31, 2019

The Texas Tribune: “The right man at this point in Texas history”: How Dennis Bonnen led the Texas House | May 30, 2019

The Hill: Pelosi says she’s ‘optimistic’ on infrastructure deal with Trump | May 29, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Analysis: Do as they say, not as they do | May 29, 2019

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Texas lawmakers gavel out: ‘We didn’t get 100 percent what we wanted, but we got a lot’ | May 27, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Analysis: Texas legislators had a successful session, but not a historic one | May 25, 2019

The AASHTO Journal: AASHTO Passes Resolution Recommending Specific HTF Revenue Solutions | May 24, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Analysis: Texas lawmakers struggling to find a loveable tax | May 24, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Texas’ legislative leaders say they have a deal on school finance and property tax reform | May 23, 2019 Oregon lawmaker introduces bill to raise gas tax, eventually linking it to inflation | May 22, 2019

Politico: Infrastructure Week dies — again | May 22, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Analysis: Welcome to Hell Week for the Texas Legislature | May 20, 2019

Freight Waves: Window closing fast on highway trust fund | May 16, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Texas high-speed rail project dodges bullet after budget rider dies | May 15, 2019

The Texas Tribune: “People were giving us lip service”: Texas cities’ legislative efforts have struggled this year | May 14, 2019

Transport Topics: Rep. Earl Blumenauer Stresses Urgency of Infrastructure Deal | May 14, 2019

Governing: Despite Missteps, High-Speed Rail Lines in 3 States Point to Progress | May 14, 2019

NBCDFW: Commuters Battle Growing Gridlock in West Fort Worth | May 13, 2019

The Community Impact Newspaper: DCTA creates North Texas Mobility Corporation | May 8, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Red-light cameras could be removed from Texas intersections after House vote | May 7, 2019

The Texas Tribune: In a surprising turn, Texas House opts to delay consideration of sales tax swap legislation until 2021 | May 7, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Texas Senate approves school finance reform bill, but opts not to fund it with a sales tax hike | May 6, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Analysis: Betting a whole legislative session on one big issue | May 6, 2019

The Dallas Morning News: ‘If you can’t beat them, silence them’: City leaders, Texas Legislature at odds over local control | May 5, 2019

The Hill: Trump’s pursuit of infrastructure deal hits GOP roadblock | May 3, 2019

CBS News: America’s Aging Infrastructure: What would $2 Trillion Actually Buy? | May 2, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Change in tax bill would let many cities and counties raise property tax levies by more than 3.5% | May 2, 2019

The AASHTO: AASHTO Statement On Bipartisan Support For Infrastructure Investment | May 1, 2019

The Bloomberg: Gas Tax for Infrastructure Sparks Fears of Political Backlash | May 1, 2019

Transport Topics: Trump, Congressional Democrats Agree on $2 Trillion Infrastructure Package | April 20, 2019

The Hill: GOP voices skepticism about viability of $2T infrastructure deal | April 30, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Texas House approves property tax reform bill, setting up negotiations with the Senate | April 30, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Analysis: The Texas House is handcuffing property tax relief to education reforms | April 29, 2019

The AASHTO Journal: State DOTs Prep Policies As Trump, Congressional Leaders Plan Infrastructure Meeting | April 26, 2019

The AASHTO Journal: Road User Charges Subject Of ITIF Panel Discussion And Report | April 26, 2019

CNN Business: Uber wants to compete with public transit. These experts are horrified | April 25, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Could Texas high-speed rail hit a speed bump this session? | April 25, 2019

The Texas Tribune: House committee passes Senate property tax bill — after altering it to look more like the lower chamber’s version | April 25, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Texas Sen. Larry Taylor unveils new school finance bill, adding $5,000 teacher pay raise | April 25, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Texas lawmakers promised to rein in school district property taxes. What do their plans actually do? | April 24, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Analysis: Teacher pay raises and Robin Hood stall Texas lawmakers | April 24, 2019

FreightWaves: Tech group calls for national road-user fee | April 23, 2019

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram: On this Texas toll road, drivers want to know why they’re paying $15 for just 5 miles | April 23, 2019

Fox 4 News: Ban on red light cameras passes through Texas House committee | April 18, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Texas Senate votes to advance property tax reform bill, avoids “nuclear option” procedural move | April 15, 2019

AASHTO Journal: Sec. Chao Reiterates Transportation Budget Priorities In House Testimony | April 12, 2019

Land Officials in 10 states adopt, pursue higher fuel tax rates | April 11, 2019

KFGO Fargo-Moorhead: U.S. Democrats seek up to $2 trillion to invest in aging infrastructure | April 11, 2019

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram: DFW Airport wants to build a 6th terminal, but the design may not be for you | April 11, 2019

AASHTO Journal: States Continue To Boost Fuel Taxes; Similar Effort Called For At Federal Level | April 5, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Texas high-speed rail developer doesn’t want state money. But the Senate’s state budget could still delay the project. | April 3, 2019

Transport Topics: ATA Launches Campaign to Promote Infrastructure Deal | April 3, 2019

AASHTO Journal: Senate Confirms Nason As FHWA Administrator | March 29, 2019

AASHTO Journal: Sec. Chao: ‘Nothing Off The Table’ For Surface Transportation Funding | March 29, 2019

AASHTO Journal: Congressional Members Say Transportation Funding Remains Sticking Point | March 29, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Analysis: Are Texas lawmakers done with drama or just saving it up for later? | March 29, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Texas House committee advances priority property tax legislation, keeping 2.5 percent election trigger | March 28, 2019

TxDOT Media Relations: Texas Urges Federal Action For A Fair Share Of Transportation Funding | March 28, 2019

Roll Call: Trump is leaving infrastructure details to lawmakers. That has stymied them before | March 12, 2019

Mass Transit: President’s FY20 budget proposal a mixed bag for transportation | March 12, 2019

The National League of Cities: New Report Examines How Cities Can Pilot Road User Charge Systems | March 11, 2019

Reuters: U.S. transport chief: ‘tight time frame’ for $1 trillion infrastructure boost | March 11, 2019

The Fort Worth Business Press: New Transit Options: Train, circulator and Lyft services driving transportation changes | March 8,2019

Roll Call: 5 ways Congress may try to fix the Highway Trust Fund | March 6, 2019

The Texas Tribune: In the Texas House, property tax legislation is being handled with a different speed — and tone | February 28, 2019

Brookings: Why is federal infrastructure policy so difficult? | February 28, 2019

AASHTO Journal: Congressional Leaders Focus On Transportation Funding Options At Washington Briefing | February 27, 2019

Transport Topics: House Transportation Leader DeFazio Offers Infrastructure Legislation Road Map | February 27, 2019

The Trinity Metro: New Trinity Metro “first mile/last mile” ZIPZONE service promotes commuting to work | February 26, 2019

The Fort Worth Star Telegram Op Ed: Texas keeps growing, but there is long and expensive road ahead | February 24, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Texas officials call it “property tax relief” — but legislation won’t lower tax bills or decrease budgets | February 21, 2019

The Texas Tribune: How do Texas governments calculate your property taxes? Here’s a primer. | February 20, 2019

AASHTO Journal: Senate Commerce Committee Holds Infrastructure Hearing | February 15, 2019

AASHTO Journal: New Reports Highlight Cost Of Congestion To Communities And Economy | February 15, 2019

AASHTO Journal: Seven State DOTs Get FHWA Grants To Test ‘Alternate’ Infrastructure Funding Methods | February 15, 2019 ATA exec tells Congress of urgent need to address U.S. infrastructure | February 13, 2019

The Texas Tribune: This Texas program lands poor people in jail. Getting rid of it has been too complicated — but that might be changing.| February 13, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Analysis: It takes more than three high officials to make Texas laws | February 13, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Analysis: Here’s your property tax cut, maybe. Heads up — it’s expensive. | February 13, 2019

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Don’t like red light cameras? These Texas lawmakers don’t either — and want to ban them | February 13, 2019

Transport Topics: AAR Supports Gas Tax, Vehicle-Miles-Traveled Measure to Fund Infrastructure | February 13, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Days after heated meeting, Texas Senate property tax committee passes 2.5-percent rollback rate bill | February 11, 2019

The Houston Chronicle: Opponents of Houston-Dallas bullet train trumpet ruling that company is not a railroad | February 11, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Analysis: The challenge of reining in property taxes at no cost to schools | February 11, 2019

AASHTO Journal: Changes To Key Infrastructure Funding Processes Proposed In Two New Bills | February 8, 2019

AASHTO Journal: House T&I Committee Hearing Focuses On Infrastructure Needs | February 8, 2019

AASHTO Journal: President Calls For ‘Infrastructure Investments’ In State Of The Union Speech | February 8, 2019

Fox News – Opinion: Transportation Secretary Chao: Dems and GOP should join with Trump to fund infrastructure improvements | February 7, 2019

The Hill: Coalition urges Congress to pass bipartisan infrastructure bill | February 6, 2019

Bloomberg Government: Infrastructure Financing Beyond Gas Tax Focus of Senate Measures | February 6, 2019

The Hill: Lawmakers say Trump’s infrastructure vision lacks political momentum | February 6, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Gov. Greg Abbott names school finance, property tax reform emergency items | February 5, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Analysis: A Texas senator’s reputation, in a word | January 28, 2019

AASHTO Journal: Augustine, Mineta Stress Need For More Highway Funding | January 25, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen names committee chairs | January 23, 2019

METRO: DCTA is fed-approved to demo PTC in revenue service | January 23, 2019

TxDOT Media Relations: State to build momentum as key area for innovation and investment around CAV projects | January 22, 2019

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram: The road ahead: What TxDOT has going on in highway improvements | January 20, 2019

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Fort Worth is crazy over TEXRail, so is now the time to extend the trains south and west? | January 18, 2019

Reuters: Exclusive: Trump meets with Cabinet officials to revive infrastructure push – sources | January 18, 2019

AASHTO Journal: House, Senate Set Committee Leadership For 116th Congress | January 11, 2019

The Texas Tribune: Analysis: For Dan Patrick, something new — the passenger’s seat | January 11, 2019

Community Impact Newspaper: Grapevine mayor: City stands to benefit from Plano DART extension | January 10, 2019

The Austin American Statesman: Conservative group with ties to Dan Patrick gets Senate media pass | January 10, 2019 Commuters Riding The Rails As TEXRail Line Begins Service | January 10, 2019

The Washington Examiner: Chamber of Commerce pushes for ‘significant infrastructure package’ this year | January 10, 2019

Logistic Management: AASHTO executive director Tymon highlights various priorities for surface transportation in 2019 | January 9, 2019

AASHTO Journal: USDOT Awards DART $908M Rail Financing Loan | January 4, 2019

Transport Topics: Trump, Congress Eye Possibility of Infrastructure Bill in 2019 | January 3, 2019

TxDOT Media Relations: Transportation Leaders Meet Booming Growth With Funding, Construction | December 14, 2018

The Texas Tribune: Dallas-Houston bullet train critics want Texas to oversee eminent domain use | December 13, 2018

Brookings: Here are three ways to pay for new investments in infrastructure and end partisan gridlock | December 12, 2018

AASHTO Journal: Interstate System Report Calls For More Funding, Tolling, VMT Fees, And Cybersecurity | December 7, 2018

Bloomberg: Report to Congress calls for raising gas tax to upgrade roads and bridges | December 6, 2018

The Daily Texan: Texas Politicians Predict Future of Urban Politics, Transportation | September 29, 2018

Logistics Management: Dedicated freight funding could be the key to fixing U.S. infrastructure woes | September 28, 2018

Reuters: States and cities making U-turn on despised red-light and speed cameras | September 28, 2018

AASHTO Journal: Outgoing T&I Chairman Believes VMT Fee Will Ultimately Replace Gas Tax | September 28, 2018

AASHTO Journal: Fiscal Year 2019 Transportation Funding Potentially Delayed Until December | September 28, 2018

The Washington Examiner: Democrats poised to address infrastructure if they win the House | September 25, 2018

Governing: More Americans Now Telecommute Than Take Public Transportation to Work | September 21, 2018

City Lab: The Global Mass Transit Revolution | September 20, 2018

CNBC: ‘Another trillion in debt, here we come’: Cohn sees Trump working with Democrats on infrastructure | September 18, 2018

Culture Map Houston: Houston-to-Dallas high-speed train project accelerates with big financial boost | September 18, 2018

Icons of Infrastructure: New Dawn of Infrastructure Investment | September 18, 2018 New Toll Road Idea A ‘Game-Changer’ Say Transportation Leaders | September 13, 2018

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Gov. Greg Abbott says it’s time to turn off red light cameras in Texas | September 10, 2018

AASHTO Journal: AASHTO Urges Timely Passage Of 2019 Transportation Funding | August 24, 2018

The Quorum Report: Voter approval of toll roads at the heart of newly unveiled Toll Payer Protection Act | August 23, 2018

Government Technology: Transit and Ride-Sharing Partnerships on the Rise, Despite Growing Pains | August 18, 2018

IT Business Edge: How AI Will Slowly Transform Transportation | August 18, 2018

The American Road and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA): Gas Tax Supporters in 12 States Cruise Through Primaries | August 14, 2018

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Sick of red light cameras? So is Texas Gov. Greg Abbott | August 13, 2018

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Intersections with red light cameras ‘likely to be among most dangerous,’ study says | August 9, 2018

Longview News Journal: Trump’s lack of action on public works sparks new ad campaign | August 6, 2018

Texas Tribune Trib Talk: Highway AND Railways: Let the voters decide | August 6, 2018

U. S. News & World Report: $10 Gas? The Obscure Maritime Rule That Could Make it a Reality | July 31, 2018

U.S. DOT – FAA Press Release: U.S. Department of Transportation to Provide $180 Million in Infrastructure Grants to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport | July 27, 2018

AASHTO Journal: Discussion Continues Over Finding New Sources of Transportation Funding | July 27, 2018

AASHTO Journal: Survey: Americans ‘Overwhelming Support’ Public Transit | July 27, 2018

The Texas Tribune Trib Talk: Why are property taxes in Texas so high? Four main reasons | July 23, 2018

The Hill: House GOP chairman introduces draft of infrastructure plan | July 23, 2018

NBC 5: Interstate 35W Construction To Be Finalized Thursday | July 18, 2018

U.S News & World Report: The State of Transportation in the States | July 17, 2018

The Austin American Statesman: TxDOT to Receive $1.1 Billion Boost from Surging Oil Business, Economy | July 16, 2018

The Austin American Statesman: Wear: Texas’ frozen gas tax thawed by Propositions 1 and 7 | July 15, 2018

Transport Topics: Senate Democrats Again Criticize Trump’s Infrastructure Proposal | July 11, 2018

The Fort Worth Star Telegram: A Fort Worth effort to kill red light cameras fails, but will the state pull the plug? | July 11, 2018

The Fort Worth Star Telegram: Hyperloop or high-speed rail: which will whoosh through Texas first? | July 11, 2018

Government Technology: Dallas Transit Embraces Uber, Lyft and Other Mobility Options | July 5, 2018

Fort Worth Star Telegram “Other Voices”: Let’s debunk the myths about Texas highway funding | July 3, 2018

Texas Government Insider: TxDOT expects $1.1B jump in funding from oil, gas taxes, economic growth | July 2018

Progressive Railroading: Transit agencies tackle first- and last-mile challenge | July 2018

The New York Times: How the Koch Brothers Are Killing Public Transit Projects Around the Country | June 19, 2018

AASHTO Journal: Common Good Raises Cost Estimate for U.S. Infrastructure Rebuild | June 1, 2018

The Dallas Morning News: With LBJ East OK’d, question of how to pay for $24 billion in upcoming mega-projects remains | May 28, 2018

AASHTO Journal: APTA Study: Poor Transit Infrastructure Leads to Negative Economic Effects | May 25, 2018

AASHTO Journal: Supply Chain Panelists Call for More Infrastructure Investment | May 25, 2018

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram: TEXRail is test-running trains in Colleyville, North Richland Hills | May 22, 2018

The Hill: GOP chairman to introduce infrastructure bill this summer | May 22, 2018

The Texas Comptroller – Fiscal Notes: Transportation Infrastructure – Keeping Texas Moving | May 2018

The Hill: Trump’s infrastructure plan hits a dead end | May 17, 2018

The Dallas Morning News: State commissioners to reconsider $1.8 billion LBJ East improvements next week | May 16, 2018

Transport Topics: Chao Promotes Public-Private Partnerships as Infrastructure Funding Remains Uncertain | May 14, 2018

Transportation Today: More Americans using a combination of public, private transportation | May 10, 2018

KXAN (NBC Austin): Texas AG says state funds cannot be used for toll roads | May 8, 2018

The Houston Chronicle: Texas bullet train and Amtrak routes to be connected | May 4, 2018

AASHTO Journal: Small Business Committee Examines Infrastructure Needs | May 4, 2018

National Real Estate Investor: Will the President’s Infrastructure Plan Attract Private Investors? | May 4, 2018

Future Structure: Could Autonomous Vehicles Add to Congestion? Maybe, Say Planners | May 1, 2018

Inside Sources: What Small Businesses Think of the Infrastructure Crisis | April 25, 2018

The Hill: Lawmakers should pursue vehicle mileage tax to save Highway Trust Fund: study | April 24, 2018

The U.S. Department of Transportation: U.S. Department of Transportation Launches BUILD Transportation Program, Announces $1.5 Billion Notice of Funding Opportunity | April 20, 2018

KVUE ABC: Lawmakers and TxDOT look to reduce traffic congestion | April 17, 2018

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Full steam ahead for high-speed rail to Arlington, Fort Worth, Waco, Austin, Laredo | April 13, 2018

The Dallas Morning News: With Sessions’ support, regional transit officials lean toward Plan A: including tolled lanes on LBJ East | April 13, 2018

The U.S. Department of Transportation: Secretary Chao Commits to Continue Improvements to Infrastructure Review and Permitting Process | April 9, 2018

The Washington Post: Trump is quietly shifting how major infrastructure projects are funded | April 7, 2018

Austin American-Statesman: Money-making tollways a good thing in Austin, not for state leaders | April 1, 2018

AASHTO Journal: Current-Year Spending Bill Adds Billions to Highway, Transit, Rail, Air, Grant Programs | March 23, 2018

Curbed: Transit Spending Gets Boost in Congressional Spending Bill | March 22, 2018

The Texas Tribune: Analysis: Texas is finding a new way to call itself a red state | March 21, 2018

The Texas Tribune: Texas government risks credit rating downgrade, Comptroller Glenn Hegar says | March 21, 2018

Transport Topics: Sen. Chuck Schumer: Infrastructure a Priority for Senate Democrats | March 20, 2018

The Hill: Trump’s infrastructure push hits wall in Congress | March 10, 2018

AASHTO Journal: Lewis: Gas Tax ‘Dying’ as Revenue Source, But VMT Fee ‘Not There’ Yet as Alternative | March 9, 2018

Roll Call: Ryan Says Infrastructure Overhaul Will Be Done in 5 to 6 Bills | March 8, 2018

Sentinel & Enterprise: The future of public transportation could be tested in Leominster or Fitchburg | March 8, 2018

AASHTO Journal: Trump Aide Gribbin Assures State DOT Execs Administration is Aware of Trust Fund Issues | March 2, 2018

Roll Call: Chao, Senate Democrats Spar on Infrastructure Proposal |March 1, 2018

Bloomberg: Trump’s Infrastructure Plan May Need Lame-Duck Session, Lawmaker Says | February 28, 2018

Bloomberg: Trump’s Public Works Plan May Not Advance This Year, Cornyn Says | February 28, 2018

News Release: Leading Chambers of Commerce highlight top Texas issues in primary poll | February 27, 2018

AASHTO Journal: State DOTs Urge Congress to Move Project Funding Via Highway, Transit Formulas | February 23, 2018

AASHTO Journal: NATSO Board Calls for ‘Long-Term, Sustainable’ Funding Solution in Infrastructure Plans | February 23, 2018

The Dallas Morning News: Fracking billionaires pump millions into Texas races, pushing state GOP even further to the right | February 22, 2018

The Texas Tribe Trib Talk: Let local officials run local government | February 22, 2018

Fortune: Trump Might Propose a Mileage Tax to Fund Infrastructure Projects | February 21, 2018

The Hill: White House praises Oregon program of mileage tax for infrastructure funds | February 21, 2018

The Hill: Poll: Voters are split on raising the gas tax | February 20, 2018

The Dallas Morning News: Trump is touting ‘biggest and boldest’ infrastructure plan in 50 years. What do the numbers really say? | February 20, 2018

The Hill: Trump talk riles advocates on both sides of gas tax | February 18, 2018

AASHTO Journal: Senate Confirms Sullivan, Batory, Martinez to USDOT Posts | February 16, 2018

AASHTO Journal: President Names Drake to Helm FTA | February 16, 2018

AASHTO Journal: Trump Offers Complex Mix of Spending, Cuts in Investment Plan, Budget | February 16, 2018

AASHTO Journal: Stakeholders Pivot to Trust Fund Issue, Look Toward Shaping Legislation | February 16, 2018

AASHTO Journal: APTA: Trump Would Cut Public Transportation Programs to Pay for Infrastructure Plan | February 16, 2018

The Hill: Trump budget threatens local transit projects | February 14, 2018

The Dallas Morning News: Arlington will commit to public transportation — once high-speed rail is definite, mayor says | February 14, 2018

The Washington Post: Trump urges GOP to consider a 25-cent hike in the gas tax | February 14, 2018

The Dallas Morning News: Fort Worth mayor likens Trump’s infrastructure push to Eisenhower’s interstate plan | February 12, 2018

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Trump infrastructure plan could lead to more toll roads on interstates | February 12, 2018

USA Today: Don’t dismiss infrastructure proposal | February 12, 2018

Politico: Trump launches $1.5 trillion infrastructure sales pitch | February 12, 2018

The Hill: White House to unveil $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan | February 11, 2018

The Washington Post: Trump’s big infrastructure plan has a lot of detail on everything but how to pay for it | February 11, 2018

Governing: Trump Infrastructure Plan Wants to Stop ‘Overreliance’ on Federal Money | February 11, 2018

AASHTO Journal: Reports: White House Releasing Investment Plan Feb. 12, Same Day as Budget Proposal | February 9, 2018

AASHTO Journal: Stakeholders Highlight Trust Fund, Local Decision-Making in Any Infrastructure Plan | February 9, 2018

The Texas Tribune: Amid mounting debate over toll lanes, transportation commissioner says it’s time for ‘new blood’ | February 8, 2018

The Texas Tribune: Analysis: Tax breaks and big red fire trucks | February 5, 2018

The Texas Tribune: Texas Transportation Commission Member Victor Vandergriff Reportedly Stepping Down | February 2, 2018

AASHTO Journal: Lawmaker Reactions Show Plenty of Work Ahead to Craft Investment Legislation | February 2, 2018

AASHTO Journal: Groups Tell Trump, Congress to Fix Highway Trust Fund in Infrastructure Bill | February 2, 2018

The Austin-American Statesman: Tryon Lewis, former transportation chair, to leave commission early | February 1, 2018

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Why Fort Worth trains and buses won’t be called the T anymore; what it means for riders | January 31, 2018

Christian Science Monitor: US infrastructure needs repairs. But who should pay? | January 31, 2018

The Texas Tribune: Analysis: Texas Republicans confront an enemy within | January 31, 2018

The Texas Tribune: Despite sunny economy, Texas budget forecast is dreary | January 30, 2018

The Hill: Trump calls for infrastructure plan of ‘at least’ $1.5T | January 30, 2018

Associated Press: Potholes ahead for Trump transportation, infrastructure plan (UPDATE) | January 25, 2018

NPR: More States Turning to Toll Roads To Raise Cash For Infrastructure | January 18, 2018

Office of Senator John Cornyn: Cornyn, Warner Bill Would Ensure Access to Additional Infrastructure Projects Through Public-Private Partnerships | January 18, 2018

Politico: Democrats to Trump on infrastructure: Show us the money | January 17, 2018

Bloomberg: Chamber to Push for Gas Tax Hike for Road and Bridge Upgrades | January 16, 2018

R&D Magazine: Transportation Agencies Anticipate a Future with Connected, Autonomous Vehicles | January 16, 2018

Transport Topics: Trump Infrastructure Plan Will Limit Regulations, DOT Exec Says | January 10, 2018

DC Velocity: U.S. Chamber to unveil proposals to fund infrastructure improvements | January 10, 2018

The Washington Post: GOP leaders reject gas tax increase after Trump floats the idea | January 10, 2018

The Hill: Trump’s infrastructure plan may slip to next month | January 9, 2018

Transport Topics: Trump Infrastructure Plan Better Offer Sustainable Revenue, State DOTs Warn | January 9, 2018

Stateline: New, Higher Tolls for 2018 | January 9, 2018

PBS Newshour: What would it take to fix America’s crumbling infrastructure? | January 8, 2018

AASHTO Journal: Groups Urge Infrastructure Plan That Maintains, Strengthens Current Investment System | January 5, 2018

Newsweek: Can Trump Make His Infrastructure Plan a Bipartisan Reality? | January 3, 2018

Land Line: Transportation revenue on agenda from coast to coast | January 2, 2018

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