We’re excited to announce that TRTC has been reviewing its bylaws and is moving forward with a new vision for the organization.

As a region, it is critical that we be at the forefront of mobility innovation and continue to lead the national conversation surrounding economic development and next-generation transportation systems.

We believe the private sector should take an active role in our organization and we’re fortunate that many Tarrant County companies are leading the region at the forefront of this second transportation revolution.

Carefully and thoughtfully revised, the proposed bylaws spell out clearly this new focus and direction. As a member of TRTC, we would like for you to give input and thoughts on the new bylaws so that we may finalize them and bring them to full membership for approval.

To review the proposed bylaws, please click here.

We welcome any feedback or comments. Please submit your comments to Maggie Jones by email to through end-of-business on March 18.